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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, a mystery colder sickens -- mystery odor sickens people in they are trying to figure out the source. why people, including the sheriff are calling for change. your mornings on 2 continues . it is 7 am on this last friday of october, and good morning i am gasia mikaelian and i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather. we have good weather for today and also for halloween. things will change on sunday.
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clear skies and a little bit of a chill, and it will be a warm friday, 70s with mid to upper 80s around the bay, and looking good for inland as well for halloween. we could get patchy fog, but overall it looks drive. we say happy birthday to michelle. this is her decorated cuba -- cube, and a very happy birthday. near 64 a few, and higher elevations about 30 to 35. 46 in petaluma, and is clear with lots of sunshine.
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this will be sweeping in on sunday and monday, the first snows in the sierras. 70s. we do not have a lot of slow traffic, and it is better than it was the other four days of this week. wednesday we had a lot of slow traffic, and there is some slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza, but it is not backed up past the maze. it is a moderate delay, and want to get on to the bridge it is okay. the traffic on 101 is looking good. and this, looking at 580 and 680, 880, normally you will see a lot of red on this map, but we don't see a lot. when we go to the south bay, 101 is slow, but 85 and 280 are
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better than they usually are. people were sickened by a suspicious odor at a palo alto hotel. 1b question goes unanswered. -- one big question goes unanswered.>> reporter: the firefighters have not been able to figure out what caused 12 people to have trouble breathing, and there was an irritant in the underground parking garage at the hotel, and all the people that got sick were sent to the hospitals, and we have no updates on the conditions. we know that this situation began just after 9 pm, and the palo alto fire department was called to the westin hotel, and they reported some sort of a
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suspicious odor and they checked for the source of the irritant. they found some swimming pool equipment being stored in the garage, but no containers were leaking. they say there could be a number of explanations.>> there are lots of things that could be the culprit. it could've been something that was passing by the hotel and happened to get caught into the garage.>> reporter: as the firefighters were dealing with this hazardous material situation, the guests were asked to stay in their rooms as they precaution -- as a precaution as they tried to figure out the source of the mysterious odor. they believe that whatever it was, it dissipated in the hotel reopened just after midnight last night and things are back to normal this morning.
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we tried to talk to the manager, and he said that someone in the hotel will come out to give us an update on the situation. the san francisco bail system is the subject of a lawsuit. they have challenged vail systems and other -- bail systems and this is been filed in other states as well. they say that 85% of the inmates have to go to trial because they are not able to post bail. the san mateo county sheriff are looking for three young men, three latino males walked away from the san francisco juvenile camp on log
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cabin ranch road, and they are likely to be wearing burgundy sweatshirts, and one of them may be missing a shoe, and if you see them call 911. the raider fans are ready to fight keep the raters in oakland. the raiders owner, mark davis, was there listening as the fans talk about being worried about the team being moved to southern california. some of the fans said they feel like ponds -- pawns.>> the nfl has botched this entire process, and you have four cities at each other's throats constantly. it is like we are ponds in the
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game -- pawns in the game.>> the nfl executive vice president told the crowd there was nothing wrong with the bay area that would prevent a stadium from getting built in oakland. he did hint that city leaders may have to contribute more funding. it was a long night for congress, and just hours ago they gave approval on a final deal that could prevent the shut down and raise the debt limit. a few holdouts spoke out in vain against it.>> should we give congress more money? hell no. congress is bad with money, and they are not good with money, do not trust them with any more money.>> the deal is the spending cap, and they
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democrats supported it, and for the republicans they wanted more money for the pentagon. the $18 trillion debt will rise even further and faster. with the budget deal out of the way, the new speaker of the house says he wants to wipe the slate clean. paul ryan urged his colleagues to prove themselves worthy of the job to which they were elected, and he asked for the bipartisan sprayers. >> a lot is on our shoulders. if you ever pray, let us pray for each other. republicans for democrats and democrats for republicans.>> paul ryan became well-known nationally after serving as the running mate for met ryan. -- mitt ryan. the historic cemetery in washington dc is trying to attract the living
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this how we weekend, and this is the congressional cemetery, and it is offering soul trolls twilight tours, and this weekend people can go on tours of the grounds and enjoy a drink or two, and get a personal history lesson from one of the several characters that are out there as actors portraying people that are buried in the cemetery.>> i died in washington, then you believe it? i was left here in this public vault for two whole years.>> you can take yoga lessons at the cemetery chapel or walk your dog among the gravestones. it is the way to raise $600,000 a year to maintain the cemetery
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grounds. a lot of marijuana, thousands of dollars in cash in a dental office, focusing on the dentist from san francisco. the tail was like this long. >> the family dog gets smashed by the mountain lion and the actions of the owner saved the pets life. there is a crowd heading up to the toll plaza of the bridge and we will tell you more about this commute coming up. temperatures could be a little bit brisk, but it could be nice and warm this afternoon.
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state officials at will tell us the penalties on communities that did not cut back on the use of water.
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statewide the 25% water cut back is required, ordered last june by governor brown. statewide, cutbacks amounted to 27%, but the state water resources board officials say that some parts of the state have not met the mandated cutbacks. 66 warning letters have been issued to the water suppliers and they may face fines. hospital will open today with a new name, given the okay for the sonoma west medical center to begin receiving rations, and doors should open at 10 am today for treatment. it was originally called palm drive hospital and it closed due to financial problems, and they say that new hospital is more cost effective. a teenage girl in eastern oregon has come down with the bubonic plague, and they believe she contracted it from a flea bug during the hunting trip a few weeks ago. while the bonnet plague was
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prevalent in the mid-evil times, it is very rare these days. it is a contagious disease carried by squirrels, chipmunks and other wild rodents, and it can be treated by antibiotics if caught early on. the well watching both that capsized -- whale watching boat that capsized, it could take weeks to get that both out of the water, and five british tourists were killed. one person is still missing this morning, and they cause of the capsizing is still under the investigation. a plane caught fire on the runway at an airport in fort lauderdale, the pilot noticed you'll was leaking on the boeing and it
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was taxing to take off for venezuela and had more than 100 people on board. the passengers evacuated on the emergency slides, and at least 21 people were hurt, one seriously. a man is showing he is his dog's best friend. a man woke up after hearing a commotion on his deck, and once he got outside, he found his dog lodged in the mouth of the mountain lion, and he charged toward the mountain lion wearing just his underwear and he stayed on top of the wild animal until it let go.>> the mountain lion came up here and snatched her and drug her down and went down here. by the time i got down to the deck, she had my dogs head in her mouth.>> she had some
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puncture wounds, but she is expected to be okay.>> bravo to him.>> what would you do?>> i don't know, but i would do my best.>> i would probably get in there and fight, not a wise decision, but instinct takes over. i would ask him, who are you looking at? when you are in that situation, you don't know what you will do. good morning everyone, and we will look at the commute. we will start with the macarthur maze, only a 30 minute drive, and that is great considering what we have had this week. we had a one in a half-hour commute at one point, so this is good news coming down to the toll plaza. the west bay bridge has about a 15 to 20 minute delay.
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marin county, not bad but there is a backup at the richmond bridge and that is the biggest slow down, trying to get to it on 580 westbound.>> if that is my pets, i will go for it. it is on. sunshine today a little bit cool in the 40s, and 30s next week. the system is on the way for sunday, and a little bit a warm weather and today and tomorrow look good. these sunny tents for all -- sunny temperatures for all, and remember to set the clock back saturday. overall, it is looking pretty good with chilly temperatures this morning, and we have the napa valley chick, and it will
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be nice and warm for the halloween parade today. it does look nice today, and we have the jets in the raiders on sunday, and the breeze will be cranking up and winds out of the south-southwest at 20, and the rain will fall after the game. i would keep an eye on the sky, but i think we're okay for now. these clouds will work the way in on saturday, but overall we are drive. 40s and 50s, and there could be a 15 degrees spread, open airport 49 degrees, so there are some cool ratings out there, alamo 45, black hawk and 50. some 60s at brentwood in antioch, and 52 in monterey. 60 in las vegas, 21 in truckee, and we will see the first snow of the season it 4500 feet
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maybe late sunday and monday, so if you need to get out of town, it will be a good idea on sunday afternoon. seattle and portland see the rain, and the last system we had didn't have any support or dynamics, and this one will have all of that. it will have trajectory over the water in that helps a lot. when they go over the water and those ocean temperatures are warm, that helps. a little cooler on saturday, when speaking up on sunday, and picking up late sunday and into monday. north bay and mendocino county, they could see some rain. i think this is to the north, but here it is setting up for sunday afternoon after 5 pm. and when this winds through it will be late sunday night and into monday, and we will have a chilly breeze behind that as we go into monday night. sunshine, breezy and warm
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today, and 70s and 80s, and we are all above average for this time of year. we should be about 5 to 7 degrees cooler, so enjoy it while you can. it looks okay for saturday, clouding up on sunday and a cold rain and snow in the mountains on monday.>> i actually used my feet heater on the way in. your time is 7:20 am, and we will talk about what the police have to say about reports that people were drugged at a fraternity, and what they are urging as part of the investigation. paining the pumpkin steel, and they project making trick- or-treating safe for everyone. we take a look at some halloween pictures from our viewers, and we love the photos you are sending. even the pets are getting
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dressed up. we can see some homemade costumes on the bottom. we would love to see your photos, and please share them on our facebook, instagram and twitter pages. s. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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this is the original, monster mash by bobby pickett. if there is a special song that you want us to play, let us know when we will play it every friday morning.>> another good
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one. getting in the holiday spirit by delivering zombies on demand.>> reporter: a hunger for human flesh in a below moderate intelligence.>> they are working with the walking dead comics, dropping off a zombies rib charge to liven things up at your party. you can scare your friends, enemies and coworkers or even the boss. trick-or-treating on halloween can be scary with children that have allergies.>> and effective way to show that your treats are safe for everyone.>> you may have seen this on your neighborhood, a pumpkin on the porch that is painted deal, -- teal and this
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lets the trick-or-treaters know that the nonfood treats are available, and this till pumpkin project started with the mother in tennessee and it started to spread after the food allergy education group began promoting it. many parents say that trying to manage what their children can eat is very scary, and this project is a big help. >> a scary evening because your kid might died, and making it a safe and fun event.>> nuts, candy, milk, soy, wheat and we, all are common food allergens. a lot of kids have allergies, but they still want to trick-or-
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treat. >> we have a link to the map and how to find the homes with teal pumpkin sense treats in your neighborhood, and look for the web link when you get to the ktvu homepage. we took it a san jose for a tour of a frightening house of horrors. our halloween tour continues with a look inside and what is considered to be the most haunted place in the bay area, the winchester mystery house. a prominent dentist has been here for more than three decades, arrested in new york city, and more on the crime he is accused of committing. we have a crashed on the bay bridge westbound, so you might want to think about the alterman -- alterman, san mateo bridge. more coming up. clear for most and cool for some, and fog is popping up and we will show you the warm temperatures coming up.
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it is 7:30 am and welcome back. i am gasia mikaelian . i am dave clark, and we are cranking out stuff not only for today but for halloween as well. we will get to these big changes, clear skies except for in san jose we have some fog.
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we're showing a little bit of low cloudiness, but that is all i can find though far. most locations are clear in a little bit chilly. temperatures in the 40s here. there is something going on with my microphone. rubin does not look happy. that is a biking helmet. -- biking -- viking helmet. we're looking at a crash on the bay bridge, and they did send a man it sends a motorcycle was involved. here is the upper deck of the bay bridge, and we believe it is to the left. i sought a moment ago, but it could've been cleared.
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traffic is affected, and a couple of vehicles involved driving onto the upper deck, and we will see if it is gone. westbound coming up to treasure island, and it does show slow traffic. give yourself some extra time. let's talk about the richmond bridge, slow traffic getting to the bridge, and it is slow on 80 westbound. 580 is better than normal, and getting into oakland. a well- known bay area dentist was arrested in new york, and accused of drug trafficking. allegations.>> reporter: good morning. for 33 years, doctor jerome weitz served this district, and
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he founded this submission dental health, and prosecutors say he had a side job allegedly trafficking marijuana across the country. this is a video from the website, and the 63-year-old was arrested in yonkers, new york, and that is west of new york city. the paper reported that when he was arrested, he had more than $10,000 in cash, packaged bags of marijuana, and the prosecutors are accusing him of shipping 20 to 30 pounds of pot to new york city each month. he allegedly took over a drug smuggling operation from his friend that is currently serving a one-year sentence. he was the target of an undercover investigation after the person he made a dropped to was caught earlier. the text messages between the dentist and the man were
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recovered, and a third man was also arrested on wednesday along with the dentist. on the dental health website, they say to choose a dentist because of periodontal disease. and he is currently being held without bail. developing news in berkeley, a warning that some people could've been drugged recently added fraternity. the berkeley officials are not saying which fraternity could've been involved or when it happened, but the uc police say that more than one person could've been victimized. they recommend that anybody that thinks they may have been drugged to get medical treatment or to consider filing a police report. out on bail after being accused of molesting three teenagers, this man, barry has
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been running a group home for young men, and he was convicted in 2009 for child molestation and served time in san quentin, and they do not know how we ended up running the group home the case he has no license to do so.>> two victims from the kennedy high school reported that their guardian at the transitional home had sexually assaulted them.>> this is due guard, a -- duguard, is not affiliated with kennedy high school, but he helps out with the football team. the student that was thrown to the floor -- the student that through the principal to the floor during this fight, and
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the principal introduced several changes during a meeting, and this was at the florin high school. the school will increase the number of on-campus resource officers, and it will implement a stronger anti-bullying program. two california indian tribes are suing countertrend and it has to do with the construction of the bypass in mendocino county. the tribes are accusing caltrans of destroying native american archaeology logical -- archaeological sites that were uncovered during the construction work, and they want the project stopped so that they can check the damage of their sacred sites. san francisco's of proposition f, and it would restrict the short-term rentals in san francisco like the air
7:37 am
bmb to 75 days a year. there are yes supporters that rallied at the union square, urging voters to support it. the two sides squared off at a debate at the san francisco law school.>> removed from the san francisco real estate market solely to be used for short- term rental.>> they are sharing the home in which they live, doing it to help the ends meet.>> they have spent about $8 million trying to convince the voters to vote no. there are two major retailers rolling out big sales this weekend, but some may rethink game plan. we will talk about consumer spending coming up.
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we're looking at a san mateo commute that could be in alternate for you, and the san mateo bridge has a situation going on. clear and cool conditions with a little bit of fog at san jose, and that is it.
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selling 18 homes? easy.
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building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at welcome back. a haunted house is turning into a holiday tradition in the bay.>> it literally makes
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people cry. >> here's a free haunted house in the homeowner spent months and months putting it together. this continues on the bay area halloween tour and taking us to the winchester mystery house. show us what is going on.>> reporter: before we were at the haunted house and now we're at the real haunted house, the winchester mystery house. we are in the morning room, the front of the house.>> as you may have heard, this is rambling. mrs. winchester can adding to the house for years and years. she started construction the day she moved in, and the construction stopped the day she died after 38 years of continual construction.>>
7:42 am
reporter: let's talk about the most haunted room in the house. what room are we in and what and people seen here?>> this is the grand ballroom, and it cost $9000 to build at a time when the building of one home would cost $1000. a lot of supernatural activity happens here. one worker that is known to have a wheelbarrow is tending the fireplace from time to time.>> reporter: this is a spiritual hotspot for sure. we're talking about halloween, and obviously this is a hotspot that people can come out and enjoy, so what can they expect that the winchester mystery house? >> we have flashlight tours, and the only light is a flashlight you are holding in your group.
7:43 am
it is a unique and strange experience, and you never quite know what will happen.>> reporter: people can come out for that right now, and it is booked up, but it does not mean that halloween is looked up -- booked up. >> correct, and we have tours all day from 9 am. our flashlight tours are sold out until november 13.>> reporter: we're talking about how the house rambles, and that is an understatement. walter, thank you so much and this is a lot of halloween fun. if haunted houses are your thing, this is one of the real haunted houses, a lot of spiritual activity in ghosts. there you go, did you hear and see it?>> i did not, wait a minute. no.>> no.>> reporter: keep your
7:44 am
eyes peeled for the wheelbarrow man. >> it is the suggestion of something weird that is sometimes scarier than the man in the mask grabbing you.>> reporter: you can hear the creaking and ticking in this house, and there's definitely a spooky feeling in this house, and this is our spoon tour -- spook tour around the bay area, and we have more frightful events coming up in the next hour. if you're looking for a ghost tour in the south bay, the winchester mystery house has to be your top destination. your time now 7:44 am, and health officials do not know what caused the shigella outbreak at the restaurant, and
7:45 am
they admit they may never know where it came from, and started three weeks ago, and 190 people became ill after eating at this san juan restaurant in san jose, and all of the restaurant workers, except for one, tested negative for shigella, and they think the food handler caught the disease after eating at the restaurant, but he is not the source of it, and three lawsuits have already been filed against the restaurant. honda is recalling the older model accords, more than three, more than 300,000 and honda says that the side airbags can inflate if the door is slammed too hard because there is a center that was improperly calibrated. the car has to be on for the problem to occur, and so far 19 people have reported injuries to honda in connection with the problem. they say this can be fixed with a software update and they will be notifying customers through
7:46 am
the mail in december. you can see a wax figure of curry, and they made this announcement yesterday, and we show you video of the artists measuring the mvp for the wax figure, and they took more than 250 measurements to make sure that the wax figure is is close to the real thing as possible. >> the real thing is pretty good. in your time now is 7:40 am. we have some good news, the accident on the bay bridge turned out to be minor and it is been moved, and no one was injured. we are seeing a leftover delay. things are getting better. this is a look at the east span of the bridge, and you can tell it is moving slow, and they had
7:47 am
to slowed the metering down a little bit, and you have a 20 to 25 minute delay, and the good news is that the crash was not there long before it was moved out of the way. taking a look at the bay area, traffic looking good at 580, and a little bit of slowing at livermore in dublin, 680 looking good from danville all the way down into the fremont area. 7:47 am and let's go to steve.>> thank you, and we're under mostly clear skies and here's the sunrise. it is time to stand up and take a look at the sun.>> [ music playing ] a beautiful day and thank you mr. anderson and jethro toll. a beautiful friday. there goes that needle off of the
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record player. 70s, 80s to the mid-80s, it a warm friday and not a bad saturday, turning cloudy on sunday. the breeze will be cranking up, and there will be a lot of low clouds, breezy and dry. this system will come in later sunday night and into monday. to the north we could see rain earlier than that, 40s and 50s, near 60 in san jose, and 49 at the oakland airport, and 40s for many. gilroy finally dropped in there, and boulder creek has a chilly 40 degrees, and 21 and tahoe and truckee. the first snow of the season will be here sunday, so if you are heading up to the sierras, it would be a good idea to get out sunday afternoon as things will be changing rapidly. and here is our system, and this is the system not like the
7:49 am
one we had earlier this week. this has some support, and this will materialize in the form of brain. warm -- in the form of rain. warm today and clouds increasing on sunday with more wins, and rain overnight sunday night. evening rain sunday, but the bulk of this will come in late sunday and into monday. we had this warm sector coming in by sunday afternoon, and overnight we will get the bulk of this cold front, and it will be a cold front. we will get a brisk breeze behind that or tuesday and wednesday. above normal temperatures, looking at the 70s and 80s by the water, and if that north wind kicks in, we will get up
7:50 am
to 85. 70s for many of you, 79 in santa cruz. halloween will have some increasing clouds, and mostly sunday and into monday we will be windy and cool with highs in the 60s. new this morning, the massive manhunt in kentucky is over after the fugitive was killed. floyd ray cook had been on the run since saturday, and he wanted a police officer during a traffic stop in tennessee and fired at a kentucky trooper. the two troopers and a u. s. marshall tracked him down late last night and it led to a gun battle. cook was a convicted rapist indicted on to -- on drug charges in july. the bureau of prison will release prisoners following the decision last year to cut the sentences of drug offenders. 80% of those being released have already been moved to halfway houses, and they will all be officially released by
7:51 am
tuesday. 250 will be let go here in california, and some legal experts say they have done too little to help these inmates successfully integrate back into society. unlimited streaming of hbo and netflix, and it 8:00, what the president of t-mobile is saying about these rumors. take a look at your screen, and we will explain what happened when this 350 pound pumpkin broke free from the halloween display in arizona.
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[ music playing ].>> if you were alive in the 80s and you went to a party and halloween, this song was played. do you remember this song, "dead man's party." if there is a special song you would like to hear, let us know and we will play your request every friday morning. usually there is the theme. your time now 7:54 am. halloween came early in arizona
7:55 am
to some surprised pedestrians and drivers. they have winds sent this giant inflatable pumpkin blowing into the intersection. it weighs over 350 pounds and it broke free from a halloween display and went about a quarter-mile before landing in the neighborhood park>> the county clerk in the coroner's office says that halloween is one of the busiest days for a wedding. these are pictures from last year, and some of the couples wore costumes. the clerks dressed up as well. the couples get a chance to pick which character they want to perform their wedding ceremony. 7:55 am, and the world series game brings it home. this is video taken this
7:56 am
morning over citi field, the home ballpark of the mets, dropping the first two games to the kansas city royals, and you can watch game three right here. we had the pregame show at 4:30 pm, and the first pitch at 5078 -- 5:07 pm. a court in poland ruled today that the academy awards filmmaker roman polanski cannot be extradited back to the united states to face charges of rape at the age of 40 and they say that the evidence is inadmissible. he fled from the u. s. ahead of being sentenced in 1978 and he is 82 years old. he was not in court today. the prosecutors have seven days to file an appeal. singer justin bieber
7:57 am
abruptly canceled his concert in norway after singing one song. he walked off and did not come back. the fans on the front row did not listen to him and got in his way while he was trying to wipe up the spilled water so he wiped and then walked off the stage. he said it is been a rough week, long days and no sleep, and having to be on. he did later apologize on instagram. earlier this week he walked out of an interview on a radio show. >> interesting. >> it is sad for the fans because they paid a lot of money to be there. coming up next, which vehicles are being recalled due to antilock brakes at fiat chrysler. a strange chemical odor
7:58 am
sent a dozen people to the hospital overnight, and we will tell you what symptoms they had and what the firefighters did to find the source of the irritant. good morning, i highway four does not look too bad, and we will tell you about the east bay commute when we come back. the weather looks nice and sunny, a little bit cool, but a good forecast, and everything changes on sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it is 8:00 on friday
8:01 am
morning, halloween eve. welcome to the 8:00 hour, and we welcome you to a live look outside from mornings on 2 . we're getting into the halloween mood today.>> send your halloween pictures so that we can show them on the air. send them to us on facebook, twitter or instagram. it is friday, october 30, and i am dave clark. i am gasia mikaelian . if you think it is chilly now, wait until monday. this wind will die down. maybe we can make a snowman on monday. in the sierras. a little bit cool, 40s, 50s and in the 60s, and ending up near 80 degrees. a bit of a breeze in the higher
8:02 am
elevations. and partly sunny and partly cloudy in no rain expected, maybe sunday. teachers dropping quick, and at least they will be dry on the game morning. we will have increasing clouds for the raiders game, and increasing high clouds and even if the rain comes in it will be late. it looks okay for us as well, and the fog will work its way back in on saturday, 40s, 50s and 60s, oakland airport 49, san jose 51, napa and 46, and these are some cool readings. everyone is clear and it is a good-looking system on its way for sunday into monday and possibly early tuesday. sunshine, breezy and warm, 70s and 80s. we have improved on the traffic, and it is looking better than it was, starting
8:03 am
off with a look at some of the east bay commute. you can see the traffic at the told plaza is recovering, -- toll plaza is recovering, and the crash did not involve injuries. moving along, taking a look at the 880 north down, beginning to slow but southbound is not too bad. if you are thinking about the san mateo bridge, it is beginning to bog down. looking at the nearby east bay commute, by the 80 is a little bit slow from livermore to dublin, but much lighter than it normally is. going back to the desk. investigators in palo alto looking for the cause of a strange smell at a hotel that made several people sick. >> the chemical odor sent a dozen people to the hospital, and we explain what happened.>> reporter: i talked a short time ago to the man that was staying at the hotel and he tells me he
8:04 am
smelled a strange odor last night in the underground parking garage, and he says it was overwhelming. a bunch of people that were around him started having difficulty breathing, and in the end, a dozen people were taken to the hospital to be checked out due to that strange odor, and it was some sort of irritant and this is the westin hotel on el camino in palo alto. eight people want to the stanford medical center, and four patients transported to the el camino hospital, and we have not received any updates on their condition. the palo alto fire department was called out after 9 pm last night. the 911 caller reported a suspicious odor coming from the garage. hazmat came in and checked for the source of the irritant.
8:05 am
they found some swimming pool equipment being stored, but they say none of the containers were leaking.>> we went down there with an air monitor system, and we tested for chemicals in the liquids, and we took the readings and pictures, and to see if there was any mislabeling, and we have not been able to find anything out of the ordinary.>> reporter: and while the firefighters were dealing with this hazardous material situation, the gas were told to shelter in their rooms as a precaution and they went through the entire building trying to find the source of the chemical odor, but they and could not find out where it was coming from. the hotel was back to normal operations just after midnight, and things are normal this morning. we did reach out for comment, and the general manager said he may come out and talk to us at some point, but we have not yet
8:06 am
heard from her. your time now 8:06 am. the san francisco bell system is the subject of a class action lawsuit, equal justice under the law, challenging bail systems and other cities across the country, and they say that the bell system treats low income unfairly because they are least able to afford to post bail, and the sheriff says that 75 to 85% of the inmates have to be jailed before they go to trial because they cannot post bail. pretrial electronic monitoring has worked well another cities and could save money. looking for three gunmen missing from a juvenile camp, the three men, all latinos, walked away from the san francisco juvenile camp on log cabin ranch road, and they could be wearing burgundy
8:07 am
sweatshirts, white t-shirts and jeans, and one of them may be missing a shoe. if you see them, call 911. the raider fans are ready to fight keep the raiders in oakland. many fans were in the paramount theater with a meeting with the nfl. in the fans are talking about being worried that the team will move to southern california. they want the team to stay here, and they were threatened against leaving, and some of the fans felt like pawns.>> the nfl has boxed this process -- boxed -- botched this process and you have four cities at each other's throats constantly, and it is like we are a pond in your evil game of chess.
8:08 am
-- pawn in your evil game of chess. >> the executive owner said there is nothing wrong with the bay area, and he did hint that they could's -- could build a stadium in oakland but he hinted that the city would have to put up more money. this went great and it was very productive, and obviously this is a complex deal, and the ultimate goal of building a new stadium for this team is complicated. it was a very productive meeting.>> the mayor says she does not believe it is too late to get a stadium deal done, and she expressed confidence that the raiders would stay in oakland. telling us the penalties on communities that did not cut back on the use of water, the 25% stake water cut back is required. statewide in august, cutbacks
8:09 am
were 27%, but the state water resource towards says that some parts of the state have not met the mandated cut back. 66 warning letters have been issued to the water suppliers that could face fines. hospitable reopened today with a new name, given the okay for the sonoma west medical center to begin receiving patients, and the opening ceremony is that 9:15 am, opening for treatment at 10 o'clock. it closed in april of last year due to financial robins, but they say the new -- financial problems, but they say the new hospital will be more cost effective. a recall by fiat chrysler from the years 2012 two 2015. they say that moisture can build up in the antilock brake
8:10 am
control modules, disabled and the entire system, recalling 45,000 vehicles that need to be repaired. they looked at the warranty claims to find this problem. your time now 8:10 am. a dentist is in trouble after being found with a lot of marijuana and a lot of cash in the charges he is facing. a new report is out this morning and some retailers are thinking twice about their economic outlook. your money business is next. we're looking at your east bay commute on highway 24, and it is not looking too bad, but a little bit crowded. looking nice today and into saturday we will have more changes on sunday.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
it is 8:13 am and taking a look at the opening bail, and the market is flat this morning. all indexes are down just slightly. this could be because of a new report that came out this morning, consumer spending so the smallest gain in eight
8:14 am
months. the consumer spending was up by 1/10 of a %, the weakest number we've seen since january. a look at the september consumer spending report, they say the latest report is a sign that the shoppers are being cautious. raising the earnings in the bay city a head of this videogame release, the star wars battlefront. >> this tops the wall street forecast and they expect to sell 13 million units of this game next year compared to the 9 million earlier projection. and there's a free beta version, more than 9.5 million people signed up to play a few levels of the game ahead of the november 17 release. the mountain view bay company beat the analyst expectations that linkedin with a report of $780 million in revenue. they topped the average analyst
8:15 am
projections per-share for 0.46 cents. they grew 37% year over year. starbucks is reporting an 18% increase in the fourth quarter sales. the company reports revenue rose to $4.9 billion and increases credited to the rising glover can -- global consumer traffic. you may remember last month that starbucks launched a nationwide mobile app to let the customer's order and pay ahead to skip the wait in line at the store. let the holiday season shopping begin.>> i'm not. but as soon as the witches in warlocks clear out, walmart and target will be bringing out the christmas deals. walmart is offering discounts on many items way before black
8:16 am
friday. and i've had many for $199, 48 inch rca television for $299, and they say they will match prices. target is bring back free shipping for the online orders beginning november 1. the handling fee could apply, and target tells the wall street journal it is spiffing up the stores and working to improve the quality of products in the home where department. a t-mobile high-speed streaming offer. >> the rumor is that t-mobile will offer unlimited netflix and hbo streaming without eating up the data. this comes from a pronouns -- renowned leaker, and if this is true, this will be something that t-mobile made in the past with music streaming services.>> i want to know how much time i could waste if i had unlimited streaming on my
8:17 am
phone.>> it does sound distracting. there is not a lot going on, and that is nice. that crash on the bay bridge was cleared quickly, and at the macarthur maze, this time in any morning it is a good drive time. when you get to the bay bridge, there is some slowing, but it is getting much better getting into san francisco. in marin county, we have some slow traffic southbound 101. across the other side of the bay, there is slowing, 680 is running a bit slow. 8:17 am, and we will go to the weather center. except for a little bit of fog around san jose, most of the fog is gone, and it is chilly and cold are many. i heard from one my good friends off of highway 12, 43
8:18 am
this morning. the lows are getting down there. next tuesday and wednesday, i would expect 30s for some in the north bay in the san jose mountains, and in those when protected areas. a few things going on, we had these partly cloudy skies for the world series, and something rather incredible and rare is happening in the arabian sea, we have a tropical cyclone, the second strongest ever heading towards yemen. this is very rare, a category five right now and we will update you on this, and it looks like it is heading that way over the weekend. here at home, clear skies in this fog has too much resistance for today, and no doubt about this on sunday, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, palo alto so 47, in napa, and a lot of 40s. sunny and warm but not his
8:19 am
windy, and rain up in the pacific northwest, and here's our system, completely different from the one we had earlier in the week. the dynamics raised out of that when, and no support, but this one has the trajectory over the water and that will help a lot. it will be here on sunday, and by sunday evening this will drive through sunday night and into monday. snow around the 4500 foot level, and it will be windy and cold monday into tuesday. 70s on the temperatures today, and today and tomorrow look good with lots of sunshine. we could get some fog but that will be saturday morning, and we are okay or halloween as well. rain by 5:00 sunday night, so if you are up at the sonoma county, and sunday and monday with a cold rain. going to
8:20 am
the breaking news in new york city, live pictures from the scene of a partial building collapse. the sister station confirms that one person has been killed and another was seriously injured. this is in that area of midtown manhattan, on west 38th street. it looks to be a building that is under construction. it is a parts of collapse that led to one dead and another seriously hurt. this appears to be a fire department ladder extended, and the building department has been called to the scene because the stability of the entire structure is in question. >> we will continue to watch this, and the activity going in and out of the building, and if you know anything about midtown manhattan, everything is densely connected and linked together, so the security of that building and everything else is coming into play. we will continue to watch this from midtown manhattan in new york and we will give you more
8:21 am
details as we get them in. a lot of people are thinking about going lowfat, but a new research shows that could not be the rate that you want to go if you want to keep the weight off. heading into syria and we will have the details coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
[ music playing ] "werewolves
8:24 am
of london." i love this song. and the hair was perfect. this was requested by wanda, and thank you. if you have a request, #ktvu on our social media. your time now is 8:24 am and it was a long night for congress, and they gave the final approval for the deal that will lift the debt and prevent the government shut down.>> reporter: essentially, congress cleared the decks, and this new spending is welcome news to the new speaker of the house. they kept the lights on late on capitol hill, and they had the budget and debt deal that was
8:25 am
making its way through congress, and the republican presidential candidates, ted cruz and rand paul were against it. >> congress is bad with money, do not trust them with any more money.>> reporter: this government spending allows more domestic spending, and the republicans get more money for the pentagon. the national debt is already $18 trillion and rising faster now. this will be congress and the white house two years of relative peace on the budget. >> today the gavel passes to a proud son of wisconsin, the first speaker in wisconsin.>> reporter: paul ryan took over as speaker of the house, and he was a reluctant recruit, bringing together this caucus will not be easy, and getting difficult budget issues off of the table may help.>> i'm not
8:26 am
is tested -- interested in laying blame, and we are not settling scores that we are wiping the slate clean.>> reporter: brian is expected -- paul ryan is expected to bring a new level of energy, and he is 45 years old, and you have to go back to the 1800s to find a younger speaker of the house. it is a 20 6 am, and president obama will authorize a small number of u. s. special operations forces to be sent to syria. they will work with the local ground forces in the fight against the islamic state terrorist group. they will make the announcement during the daily briefing about one hour from now. this comes as secretary of state john kerry is in vienna meeting with the world leaders to bring an end to the war in syria, but that is difficult. the united states, saudi arabia and most agents are calling for
8:27 am
the president to step down, russia and iran support the regime calling it a legitimate government, and this is the first time that the representatives from iran are taking parts in the talks. a real lifesaver this halloween, and the idea to give out something other than candy, and the details of the teal in san francisco mission district, where a prominent dentist that is been in this community for three decades has been arrested in new york city and the shocking crime he is accused of committing. traffic is getting better, the best avenue the week, and still have slowed traffic and south bay, but not here in downtown san jose. sunshine and nice temperatures after a chilly morning, and we have an amazing change coming in on sunday night.
8:28 am
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we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey.
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will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at [ music playing ], i remember this, michael jackson. it is halloween almost. a lot of people are getting into the spirit today, and we love you for sharing your photos with us. is that #ktvu, and a lot of pictures coming in. it looks like that poor dog is a lot stir.
8:31 am
-- lobster. and here is a homemade airplane costume.>> i know that cartoon, but i cannot think of it. >> i love homemade costumes so much.>> and look at that lovely little princess.>> send us your halloween pictures, and thank you for using the hashtag ktvu. we will share it on the air. we will see if we can't get you out the door. you do not need to cover up the costume with the draft it -- with the jacket this halloween.>> no, and overall we are looking good. we have lots of high-pressure for about two more days and it will break down. some patchy cloud around san jose, but overall we're looking for sunshine and mild warm
8:32 am
temperatures. it looks good in new york, partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50s, and not expecting any rain, and sunday will be a different ballgame. mostly clear for halloween, patchy clouds, but a little bit cool. increasing clouds and drizzles, and it should come in after the 5:00 hour, and this breeze will crank up out of the south- southwest, and that should be about 5:00 after the rain comes in. but we are good today with temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and everything says sunshine and warm temperatures, and here's that big chance coming in for sunday. it will be sunshine, breezy and warm in the hills, and cool lows, and 70s near 80
8:33 am
degrees. you and i feel the same about that, and good morning everybody. let's go take a look at the commute. you can see the traffic has been in improving. the volume at the toll plaza has not been the same, and if you want come in it is not too bad, 15 minute delay. we had an accident that was not there for long, and user that will mess things up for a long time, but it recovered and it is flowing normally. the san mateo bridge is still slow from the toll plaza area and heading out on 101 note troubles. slow traffic in san jose, but it is easy to find your way around, and 85 is good. 101 is not bad. developing story from berkeley, a warning this morning that some people may have been drugged recently at a fraternity.
8:34 am
the uc berkeley officials are not saying which fraternity is involved or when it happened, and they say there may have been more than one victim. a dentist known for promoting his practice to marijuana smokers is now accused of selling marijuana. >> accused of running an illegal drug operation from host to coast. what do we know?>> reporter: we sent an email communication with the narcotics prosecutor in new york city, and we have tell you what they had to say coming up. and for 30 years, jerome weitz served as a prominent dentist, and his practice is open and they are treating patients, but the employees say that off- camera this is shocking.>> i am
8:35 am
dr. weitz from mission health.>> reporter: this is a picture taken, and he was arrested, and the prosecutors allege that he was on his way to meet with another man in order to receive payment for marijuana when he was arrested. he had more than $3800, and $6800 in a separate suitcase. he has been accused of shipping 20 to 30 pounds of pot to new york city each month. they say they received text messages between jerome weitz and another man, and all of them were arrested, three in total. he allegedly took over the drug
8:36 am
operation from his friend joseph that was serving a one- year sentence. he is being held on $75,000 bail. your time now is 8:36 am. a registered sex offender is facing new sex offender charges, barry do guard -- duguard and the police say they do not know how he ended up running a group home for boys because he does not have a license to do this. >> to victims from the kennedy high school reported that the transitional home guardian sexually assaulted them.>> the
8:37 am
school district says that he is not affiliated with the kennedy high school, and the students say that he helps out with the basketball team. the police in richmond believe there could be other victims. more security will be added to the florin high school in sacramento after a student blue -- through the principal to the floor. the school held a parent meeting to address questions about the safety of the school. they hope to make changes to help to combat future fights, and they will have an on campus resource officer and will have a stronger anti-bullying campaign. the indian tribes are suing caltrans and it has to do with the bypass on highway 101 in mendocino county. the tribes are accusing
8:38 am
caltrans of destroying native american archaeological sites uncovered during the construction. the tribes of held protest throughout the construction of the bypass, and they want the project stopped so that they can check the damage to their "sacred sites." trying to get the word out at union square, a proposition would limit the short-term rentals to 75 days a year, and advocates and supporters held a rally yesterday urging the voters to back the measure, and a debate was held on this issue at the university of san francisco law school.>> anywhere from 2 to 4000 units have been permanently removed from the san francisco real estate market solely to be used as short-term rental. >> they are sharing the home in which they live, and they are doing this to help ins me.>>
8:39 am
the backers of the opposition have raised just short of $300,000. antioch has a new approach to crime fighting in appears to be working. the new stats show a drop in violent and property crime compared to last year. the police chief says that the officers have been aggressively getting the criminals off of the streets, and the number of arrests is up 17%. the crime report shows that burglaries were down from 991 in the first five months of last year to 681 in the same period this year. robberies dropped from 236 two 230 and homicides dropped from 6 to 5. health officials admit they may never know the source of the illness of shigella, 190 people became ill after meeting at this san juan restaurant in san jose.
8:40 am
all of the workers at the restaurant tested negative for shigella except for one, and they think that the food handler [ null ] the disease after eating at the restaurant, and the worker is likely not the source. three lawsuits have been filed against the restaurant. trick-or-treating can be scary if you are the parent of a child with allergies. >> a creative way that you can show your treats are safe for everyone. >> reporter: a lot of kids have allergies but they still want to go trick-or-treating, and now they can look at this special pumpkin, the teal pumpkin project, and they will know which houses are safe. this mom started this in tennessee because she felt bad for the kids with allergies, and this teal pumpkin will let the trick-or-treaters know that this nonfood treat is available, and these common food allergens are found in
8:41 am
most candies. >> it can be as scary evening, scary because your kids might die, and it takes the fun out of the event.>> the kids can walk away, and before they walked away with sad looks on their faces, and that hurts. all kids want to participate.>> this year, 100,000 households have pledged to participate in the teal pumpkin project, and they will have things like stickers, and small toys to handout instead of candy. you can download a sign for your yard, and register your address so that the families have a map of the houses that are participating in your neighborhood. awareness, inclusion and community, and most of us know someone that has an allergy. and my daughter as an allergy
8:42 am
to wheat, and they always have to have something separate, so this is a nice way to know where you can go. >> it is so often the little ones that have allergies, and you cannot read every single piece of candy in the dark. a pencil and sticker is good for everybody. don't forget, on the channel 2 website,, we have a link so you can find the teal pumpkin in your neighborhood. we often hear the debate over halloween in which costumes are appropriate, especially when it comes to young girls. one sacramento dad decided to do something to encourage the girls to use their creativity. he calls this move "more than cute." this all started when he was shopping for costumes for his girls, and he salt so many tutus npr is, -- he saw so many
8:43 am
too-toos and tiaras, and he wanted to do something different. >> there are many costumes and superheroes and we don't have to focus on the little girls appearances. >> in the girls store-bought costumes are always about being pretty, and he runs a website dedicated to advocating strong role models to girls, especially when it comes to comic book characters. >> that is a good idea. the walking dead come alive, and we will tell you how free zombies can be delivered to your door. a warning for the drivers in effect this weekend. we're looking at a commute and traffic is still heavy in some areas, but light in some areas,
8:44 am
highway 24 does not look bad heading up to the tunnel. we have a nice friday and saturday, and then big changes on the way for sunday.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ music playing ], and if you are walking round the house, you have to do a air guitar with this and get crazy. this is "enter sandman" in a popular song at halloween parties. if there is a song you would like to hear, hit us up on facebook, twitter or instagram tvu. i will go play my air guitar. your time now is 8:47 am. one ride and getting a zombie on demand. this is a service in san francisco and new york city,
8:48 am
lyft is dropping off zombies free of charge at any business or party to liven things up. the ad says to scare your friends, enemies and coworkers, or even the boss. we're getting into the hollow wean -- halloween spirit by visiting the most popular halloween bay area attractions.>> i didn't know will to call and i can't sleep anymore.>> this is from the bernal scream. that bobbing head still gets me. the screen may scare the visitors but not the wallet, and it is free all weekend. the next stop is the winchester mystery house.>> there would be elegant parties and affairs here, and a lot of supernatural
8:49 am
activity happens here.>> christian ventured into the grand ballroom of the winchester mystery house, and visitors and workers have reported strange things happening from this world- famous mansion. coming up, christian will visit what forbes magazine calls the best haunted house in california.>> an amazing haunted house event.>> it is the fear overload screen park and they say there are two job dropping -- jaw-dropping houses. be careful as you drive around tomorrow and the trick- or-treaters are out. trick-or-treaters are four times more likely to be hit by car on halloween than any other day of the year. the kids are often in costumes
8:50 am
that make it hard for them to see, and you combine that with walking in the dark, and people going to parties, and it is dangerous. they are reminding all adults, have a designated driver before you go to a how wean event where drinks will be served. we will look at our friday morning commute. >> you could stay home and handout the candy. no driving it all.>> i am in. good morning, and traffic is actually improving a little bit. starting with the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is good until you get to the main part of the toll plaza, but is only a 15 minute delay and we will take it. we see a little bit of slowing past the coliseum, and it gets a little bit better as you get up to high street. in san jose we have had a few minor crashes, but the general commute in the santa clara
8:51 am
valley is much better than it would be on the other four days of the work week. it is 8:50 am and let's go to the weather. >> we have a we bit of fog. and it is good to go for the sunshine, and a brisk morning, with a lot of 40s and we will see 30s on tuesday and wednesday. the winds will die down on tuesday for that to happen, but we're clear to go for sunshine. partly cloudy but no rain is expected, and a high of 56 today. this could be a disaster for yemen in the arabian sea, category five, and only the third hurricane strength system to make it there, and it is heading to yemen. something he keep an eye on and at least it is newsworthy as we head through the weekend. for us at home, a sunny forecast and a mild and warm saturday. no rain is expected but patchy
8:52 am
low clouds possible. we have something coming in sunday afternoon but it looks like it will be holding off until after the raiders game. the breezes will be cranking up as we head through the afternoon out of the south- southwest. the system is turning in the four corners and we have an impressive low, and this goes back to june and july, 40s and 50s on the temperatures map. we had some low to mid 40s, mendocino county and lake county, but no impact today. wayne -- rain moving into the seattle portland area, and this high pressure will build and drop in over sunday. rain starting at the north bay, and all the rest of us, it will be sunday and monday. today and tomorrow look good with 70s to near 80, in the
8:53 am
north bay, clouds picking up. for all of us, overnight sunday and monday, and breezy. 70s and 80s around the bay, temperatures well above average. they are on their way down over the next couple of days. today lots of sun, saturday with patchy low clouds, increasing clouds on sunday and possible rain on sunday evening and monday. a new report says that it turns out that mary people recover better after heart surgery. according to the study, if a person over 50 was single or divorced, they had a 40% chance of developing complications two years after the surgery as opposed to those that were married. this research to place between 2004 and 2010. they cannot explain why mary people are less likely to die
8:54 am
or need extra help after heart surgery, but it could be that married people are happier. the world health organization is reporting that two thirds of the world's population has some form of the herpes virus, in fact 67% of the population, and there are two types of herpes, and type i is usually transferred orally, and type ii is usually sexually transmitted. more than 3.7 billion people under the age 50 carry type i herpes, and that is typically cold sores. americans have the lowest rates of infection. if you're trying to lose weight, new research shows that a low-fat diet may not be the way to go. the research suggests that those type of diet's did not have the best long-term results. the harvard researchers reviewed studies that looked at the low-fat versus high-fat
8:55 am
diet, and they said that both diet showed result, but the higher fat diet loeber in carbohydrates had a slightly, but significantly more likely to keep the weight off over the long-term. your time now is 8:55 am. they are not afraid to expose the people that they think are wasting the water, and we will tell you when made the latest list of the water guzzlers.
8:56 am
8:57 am
we have developing news from texas, strong storms triggering tornadoes and flooding, and look at this car that is submerged in water. this is a piece of metal impaled through a house and these are incredible pictures. this is showing the flooding and damage to several buildings, including this high school.
8:58 am
it is severe damage. the pictures say a lot, and so far there been no reports of injuries or deaths, and these are incredible pictures from the texas area. this is san antonio and austin texas. severe weather is expected in that area throughout the weekend. here at home, a new list of the east bay biggest water guzzlers came out, and the bay area ceos and athletes are among the water guzzlers. the ceo of arc document solutions uses over 9000 gallons of water, and the all blow and the president of the construction company that lives in alamo, going through 8700 gallons of water a day, but he claims he had a water main break. number three on the list is the former ceo of safeway, using
8:59 am
7200 gallons of water a day. coming up, stay tuned we have more to show you.
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